The Top 5 AI Writers for Creating Converting Content

Great content may result in real conversion for your business and your clients’ businesses. But frequently, even experienced marketers may find it tough to develop enough quality content for all their clients without hitting burnout points.

As content creators, we sometimes easily fall into the trap of rehashing outdated ideas. Wouldn’t it be good to outsource some of the brainstorming to an assistant with impeccable grammar and a robust pool of inspiration?

That’s where a competent AI writer comes in. If you’re ready to boost your content while saving time and keeping things new, we’re offering the five best AI writing tools to get started. But first, how does this tech function?

How does AI writing software work?

Like all AI software, an AI writer uses deep learning to emulate human thinking and behavior.

It learns the foundations of writing, grammar, and general language processing and writes text using a massive library of knowledge in its database.

However, these software programs require human input; you must provide them with relevant keywords, the type of copy, the length of the copy, and the tone of the copy, as well as make necessary adjustments to keep the text on track. They can, however, make life easier—and save writers from the dreaded blank page.

The top five AI writing tools are:

  • Jarvis
  • Writesonic
  • Copysmith
  • Rytr
  • AI Writer

1. Jarvis

Jarvis formerly known as Conversion AI is an artificial intelligence copywriting helper. Trained by skilled copywriters, Jarvis can develop distinctive, high-converting copy for marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs.

This AI program has also read “10 percent of the internet,” and so has information on a variety of topics.

With over 39 useful templates, Jarvis makes it easy to hit the ground running. Some of the practical templates available include the Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) and Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) marketing frameworks, Perfect Headline for generating powerful headlines that convert, Video Script Outline for video content creators, and Review Responder for customer service workers.

This AI writing assistant also lets you input additional details about your content, such as the tone of writing—witty, humorous, formal—and the chosen limit for the number of characters. Already have the information you’d like to refresh? Then whip out Jarvis’s Sentence Expander and Stuff Improver templates to widen your perspective and buff up existing content.

Besides templates, Jarvis provides an effective Long-form Assistant for creating — you guessed it – long-form material. You’ll need to give Jarvis some information about your content and keywords and type a few lines to start him rolling. Then, he’ll assist you to produce material in line with your brief and you may adjust it along the process.

The Long-form Assistant is only available to Pro plan members and higher. It may also be connected with the Power, Focus, and SEO Surfer modes, which allow you to utilize templates, work without interruptions, and optimize material for search engines accordingly.

2. Writesonic

Writesonic is a relatively new startup that faces stiff competition from other AI content producers. This is a fantastic new tool that may considerably assist you in creating material for your blog on a large scale. It’s worth a look to see how it fits into your overall content marketing plan.

If you have a unique viewpoint or something distinctive to offer to a piece of writing, you should consider doing it yourself or hiring a copywriter. At the very least, you should have a competent editor proofread your work before publishing it.

For those of you who aren’t as enthusiastic, there are a variety of ways to get some material produced for your site.

Hiring a ghostwriter is an option, but it is far from ideal. This is due to the fact that the majority of ghostwriters aren’t especially imaginative. They can write effectively, but when it comes to coming up with new ideas or creating something unique, the majority of them fall short. It will suffice in the short term, but for long-term success, you must have your own voice.

But the point is that when you write a blog post or an essay on your own, you already have the content; all you need is someone else to tell you what to say, how to say it, and how to put it all together. Writesonic is for those who have something to say but aren’t sure how to convey it.

3. Copysmith

Is Copysmith a good investment? That is the query!

It surely is for us!

And we believe that 99 percent of business owners, internet marketers, content providers, and entrepreneurs feel the same way.

Why? The most essential component of any internet business is the content; it communicates between your brand and your ideal consumer and potential buyer.

Your company is simply another faceless brand on the internet unless it has high-quality content that informs and captivates its visitors.

Copysmith assists not only with content generation but also with content ideas.

We’ll go into detail about the types of content you can create with Copysmith, but you’ll discover that it’s incredibly versatile and whether you’re a blog, consultancy, local business, eCommerce store, or Instagram influencer, Copysmith has all of the tools you need for writing captivating copy and content.

We’ll also offer you the unedited output from Copysmith so you can view the precise material that it provides, so prepare to be blown away!

So, we hope you can see the value that Copysmith offers, especially if you run a business or agency that relies on creating regular batches of high-quality content.

Given that it employs Open AI’s GPT-3 language model, the content generated is constantly adjusting to the input you offer, thus it will only improve with time.

As a result, if you’re like us and want to generate more high-quality material in less time, you should certainly check out and join up for Copysmith’s free trial.

4. Rytr

Have you ever wondered where and how you may generate the right content for your clients and consumers without much trouble or time spent on it?

We occasionally have writer’s block, which hinders us from producing anything to our full ability, and as a result, we seek ways to produce good material using these recently developed AI copywriting tools. Rytr is one of the market’s fastest-growing AI writing tools.

You may use this tool to create not just market-based products, but also blog entries such as narrative plots, songs, and YouTube descriptions. Isn’t that wonderful? And what if I told you that you can do this for free as a trial and that if you want to buy it, the costs are also very low? That’s really great, let’s explore what more Rytr has to offer.

There are no restrictions on who may use this AI Copywriting tool and for what purposes. As a content producer, this will assist you in creating an outline and writing your material more effectively. For YouTubers, this will result in a suitable description for your video or website, engaging a large audience with your work. Rytr comes with a plot writing option for story writers or creative authors, which lets you explore your narrative in a more compelling way.

And the greatest part is, it doesn’t stop there. Rytr creates fresh and different writing and tone alternatives on a regular basis to help extend their platform and assist artists as much as possible. This website truly provides content production capabilities in every aspect! Songwriting is also an option.

5. AI Writer

With a presence in the AI content marketing field since 2015, AI writer is almost like the grandfather. With major tech startups like Conversion, the world must have changed a lot in the last year.

The AI Writer app may be found at, and it is a web-only service.

At its heart, AI Writer is a fancy way of saying “automatic content writing tool,” which you can use to produce blog posts and articles at the pace of AI automation. It differs from many of its competitors in that it focuses on long-form material, whereas many other AI writing tools are more focused on short-form content (i.e. Facebook ad copy and blog post titles).

The majority of the other technologies rely on Open AI and GTP-3, which are widely acknowledged to be unsuitable for long-form material. Because AI Writer is so well-established in this industry, I’m curious whether they’re employing their own unique AI algorithm or anything. Anyway, the most essential aspect is the quality of their text output, which we shall discover later in the evaluation.

They provide the option to re-word material in addition to being an article authoring program.

AI Writer is focused on creating original material for you to utilize quickly and easily. It can help you generate new articles from scratch or rewrite existing ones.

Its auto writer feature asks you to provide simple input in the form of a headline or a set of keywords related to your content. You submit them to the AI Writer software, and in exchange, you obtain a very instructive essay. It may be utilized in blogs as well as other SEO-focused websites. Furthermore, it has the ability to rewrite. By rewording your content, you may reuse it with the tool. As a result, you wind up with several articles that offer the same information in various ways.

You can also have things automated with AI Writer. It has an API that allows you to create your own automatic article writing program. You may easily and rapidly set up auto-blogging projects with the help of AI Writer’s text-producing capabilities.


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