He used 64 smartphones to play Pokemon Go

According to The Verge, Mr. Chen San-yuan, has created a large set of racks that are fixed on bikes, mounted on 64 smartphones. They are connected to a backup charger placed in the front of the vehicle.

Mr. Chen became famous in 2018 when using 11 smartphones mounted on bicycles to satisfy the joy of “catching animals”. By 2019, he has upgraded to 45 smartphones to play Pokemon Go games at the same time.

Currently, the worldwide Pokemon Go fever has cooled, but the love of the old Taiwanese gamer has not diminished. He is getting more and more smartphones.

Mr. Chen San-yuan has gray hair and looks nothing special compared to other retiring men in Taiwan.

In an interview with the local press, Mr. Chen said he knew about Pokemon Go after learning about his nephew’s games. Since then, he has been truly passionate and living with it.

First released in 2015, Pokemon Go is one of the first augmented reality (AR) titles for mobile. According to Sensor Tower estimates, Pokemon Go has helped Niantic collect more than $ 3.1 billion since its launch.

New ways to play and interact with virtual animals through the real world, Pokemon Go has quickly caused a worldwide fever with millions of people busy “catching animals”.

Pokemon Go can improve a player’s physique because they have to move. However, many cases of gamers engrossed with virtual animals lead to unfortunate accidents.

Souce: Zing News

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