Forget Zoom, Skype has an online and free meeting feature

According to Engadget, Skype has introduced a completely free online meeting feature called Meet Now. This promises to be a great replacement for Zoom after the service causes many concerns about privacy, the privacy of users’ personal information.

According to a statement from the Skype team, servers can create and share meetings for free with just 3 clicks. Even the player does not need to install Skype and can start working directly on Chrome or Edge browser. The meeting organizer can then invite all users through a link.

Using Meet Now is also extremely simple and quite similar to Zoom. If your PC has Skype, open the app, go to the Calls tab and select Meet Now.

In case you do not want to use the application, users can access the browser through the official website address .

After clicking Meet Now, an instant link will be created for users to share with meeting participants. After accessing the path, right now the user will see options such as turning on the webcam, microphone, hiding the background (Blur my background).

Users also do not need to worry the path to the meeting is expired and everyone can join at any time. In addition, Skype also said users can take advantage of all the features of the platform such as call recording and recording in video meetings.

The company said the meeting recording will last 30 days. In addition, users can also blur the scenery in the background before joining the call. This is extremely useful for situations where there is no private office at home or unfortunately, pets or children appear in the frame.

In the wake of the closure of many companies and schools around the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, video calling applications for meetings and online teaching have been widely used.

Zoom then emerged as a stable, easy-to-use, and completely free online learning service. However, after this app became popular, some Zoom users reflected that their video calls were illegally compromised by strangers and shared inappropriate content such as sensitive images or profane language.

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