Will Apple turn us all into robots?

When the world entered the Covid-19 translation, Apple had a rare association with Google to build a Covid-19 tracing application.┬áThe…

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Who was the former CEO demanding to leave prison to curb Covid-19 saving the world?

Martin Shkreli, a former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, has just announced that he will find a cure for Covid-19 if…

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Who is the heaviest voice in the US right now, daring to refute President Trump?

Who is Anthony Fauci, who is the leading expert on infectious diseases and the face of the fight against disease…

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COVID-19 – Disease of Social Networks

With unprecedented speed, the media and social networks are constantly launching both true and false information about the outbreak of…

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Iran Becomes New Threat of Coronavirus Epidemic

Pilgrims, migrant workers, businessmen, soldiers, and clerics constantly cross the Iranian border, often going through loose, ineffective border control countries…

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