Cambodia Becoming Best Place for Real Estate in ASEAN

The latest finding shows Cambodia is becoming potential and lucrative up to 6% in leasing, and even the best place in purchasing real estate in ASEAN in 2020.

The finding underlined real estate developers in Cambodia has fulfilled the world’s standard. Despite having experienced a number of problems in the sector, there has been no decline in its economy for decades. Cambodia is also an interesting place for foreign investors who have helped economic growth.

The study has interviewed 10 real estate experts in Cambodia in which they confirmed real estate buying was a better way to benefit from the leading potential sector in the country. Real estate price in Cambodia was still low, and the investors would be lucrative in return due to increased rent.

Moreover, Cambodia sees easier for foreigners concerning the visa process with less restriction on property ownership. Low price and foreign direct investment policy have attracted investors to invest in Phnom Penh and its outskirt.

Some inexperienced and unlicensed developers in Cambodia have often caused problems to the buyers such as project pending and changes in structure.

You are advised to buy or rent the properties of the prestigious international or local developers who have already completed their projects.

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